Home Alone

What does a Stay At Home Mom do when she has a night alone?

She sits in the parking lot in front of her house and watches the sun set.

She marvels as the stripes waltz across the sky, changing from oranges, yellows, pinks peeking through the trees to purple and dark blue.

She counts the number of clouds in the sky and watches one lone bird search for the perfect roost for the night.

She turns her music off and listens to nothing but the creation.

Finally she drives away and catches one last glimpse of the colors before they shine on another part of the world.

She turns Jordan Smith’s version of Great is They Faithfulness up far too loud in the car and sings as loud as she wants, listening to the same song over and over and over.

She runs a couple of errands knowing that when she gets home there will still be 3 uninterrupted hours in which to cozy up on her bed and work on things that make her heart full.

Preparing for a Ladies Night at church next weekend, a load of laundry, placing gifts in Valentine Boxes, working on promotional things for an upcoming book, reading a story her teenager has asked her to read and eating GF cookies in bed because she can.




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