Jelly Belly-1. Smallwoods-0.

Barf anyone? How about some Moldy Cheese?

Or if those don’t suit you how about Boogers? Dirty Baby Wipes? Rotten Egg?

Of course on the flip side of the gross flavors are Coconut, Caramel Corn, Peach, Tutti-Frutti.

As goes the game Bean Boozled from Jelly Belly.  The idea is is to spin the spinner and choose the color jelly bean it lands on. That color has two flavor options. A nice, pleasant flavor and a horrid almost inhumane flavor. You don’t know which you will pick until it’s in your mouth and you’ve committed to the chew.

My first spin…a lovely peach colored bean. Could it be peach? OR COULD IT BE BARF???

It was barf.


Like someone else’s barf was in my mouth.

Like chunky, stomach acidy, yesterday’s spicy pizza sauce barf that came up in my mouth and stayed there. Until…..

I ate a Rotten Egg bean.

THAT my friends was HORRID.

I also got a licorice flavored bean which tasted great and I don’t even like black licorice.

This game is hysterical and awful and funny and picture worth and horrid tasting.

And we will def be playing it again.

You can purchase it here on Amazon.


Even Daisy wouldn’t eat the Rotten Egg bean. 


Skunk Spray flavor. 

You’re welcome.




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