Valentine’s Day Boxes!





And all things Valentiney. Valentineish. Valentinery.

One red heart cut from red construction paper has me. That’s all it takes.

When we began home-educating and took the girls out public school one of the things I missed was the cute little class parties they both had. I missed the treats they’d come home with during the holidays and the cute little Valentine Boxes everyone cut of from cereal boxes and decorated.

I felt a slightly bit remorseful that they would miss out on these fun memory makers with their classes, so we began our own version of Valentine Boxes at home.

Truthfully, at this point everyone probably does it for me. It may not last another year, but for this year I’ll treasure it one more time:)

The idea is simple…take a box, any random box and decorate it with red, pink and white. No theme is required except those colors. Each day or every few days, everyone puts a treat in each other’s boxes. Homemade is always fun, though momma doesn’t hate finding gourmet chocolates in hers….ahem.




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