Meal Plan Week of 1/24-1/30

Sunday 1/24

Breakfast-church. donuts.

Lunch-chili, popovers

Dinner-random cupboard finds

Monday 1/25

Breakfast-cereal, toast, smoothie

Lunch-random stuff (I may or may not have needed to hit up the grocery store)

Dinner-baked chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans

Tuesday 1/26

Breakfast-bananas, cereal on the run to the dentist

Lunch-one of us had dental work done and is eating ice cream; two of us bought chicken salad at the grocery store only to discover it was not nearly as good as homemade so we gave it to the dog (who is feeling on top of the world eating seven bucks worth of chicken nut and fruit salad) and have resorted to potato puffs and ice cream. One of those two tried to be cool and drink a Kale Smoothie-(THAT my friends was one of the top ten nastiest things I’ve ever put in my mouth); One of us is buying a crispy chicken salad while out and about; The last one of us has fur and four legs and is feeling pretty good about herself right now.

Dinner-a combonation of pantry/frig foods-soup, quesidillas and veggies

Wednesday 1/27

Breakfast-GF chocolate chip waffles

Lunch-Tator Tots, raw veggies

DinnerA Wednesday Night Experience

Thursday 1/28

Breakfast-one of us got up early and made himself potatoes,eggs and sausage. One of us had eggs. Two of us had chicken broth.

Lunch-Salads and Sandwiches

DinnerShepherds Pie, Apple Crisp

Friday 1/29

Breakfast-A new cereal called “Mom’s brain can’t remember”.

Lunch-Chicken Fruit Nut Salad

Dinner-The girls and I had pizza at their friend’s sleepover:), Jeremy was in EMT class

Saturday 1/30

Breakfast/lunch/dinner-we were all in various places throughout the day.

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