Meal Plan Week of 1/17-1/23

Sunday 1/17

      Breakfast-don’t wake me when you leave to get to church before I’m out of bed. Grab a donut while you’re there.



Monday 1/18

Breakfast-GF waffles

Lunch-I have no idea

Correction…..the girls had friends over and we ordered pizza…

Dinner- Pot roast, potatoes and veggies

Tuesday 1/19

Breakfast-smoothies, GF pancakes

Lunch-leftovers or soup

Dinner-Kaitlyn’s Bean Dip

Wednesday 1/20


Lunch-pbj/rice cakes with tuna

Dinner-Wednesday Night Experience

Thursday 1/21

Breakfast-cereal and toast, smoothies

Lunch-potatoe puffs (don’t judge…we like ’em) and veggies

Dinner-Cabbage and Hamburg, Popovers

Friday 1/22

Breakfast-cereal and toast, smoothies


Dinner-Breakfast-GF pancakes, omelet

Saturday 1/23


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