Homemade Bird Feeders

It’s snowy, cold and otherwise super conducive to making homemade bird feeders.  The girls used to help me with these types of things when they were little (spreading peanut butter around on a pine cone and rolling it in bird seed was atleast an hour’s worth of activity), but now I tend to do it on my own, while they do school work.

We’ve been putting off feeding the birds until snow came, but since Snowpocalypse 2016 has happened this past weekend, it’s time to feed the birdies.

This is an easy craft for everyone to make…little hands will like it as much as mom and dad, I think.

Step 1. use any cupcake, muffin, individual cake pan. I use this one because I like the shape. DSC_0589

Step 2. Cut strips of fabric, string, rope, yarn, burlap…anything you have on hand into 1 inch wide by 12-24 inches long. How long you cut it will depend on how far you want it to hang from the tree branch. You will need one strip per muffin….hm….I don’t know what you call one muffin spot in a muffin tin pan……but you will need one strip of fabric per spot.

Step 3. Lay fabric strips across the muffin spots…one row at a time. In the picture below I am working on the top row first.


Step 4. I used about 1/6 cup of birdseed to fill each muffin spot. You don’t want to fill it to the top as you will add water to it.


Step 5.  Fill muffin spots about 3/4 full, making sure to cover the fabric.


Step 6. Add water to each muffin hole, enough to fill to the top.


Step 7. Fold fabric over so it’s doubled and push the fabric down in order to get it good and wet. DSC_0595

Step 8. Fill the rest of the muffin spots and repeat steps to fold fabric over each one. DSC_0596

Step 9. Place tin in freezer until all bird feeders are frozen solid….about 2 hours.


Step 10. Remove from freezer and let sit about 5 minutes to loosen from sides for removal.

Step 11. Hang them on branches!




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