Creative Geography

Tell me I’m not the only one with these world map posters ripped at the corners..DSC_0194or rolled in such a way that un-rolling them is almost impossible…DSC_0192or has a creative child has decided to use them for coloring…DSC_0195These posters have never really been a gigantic help in our home-educating experiences. We don’t have a specific homeschool room. Even when we did, since it served as a family room as well, we didn’t take up wall space to hang them.

These posters have been floating around our house hiding behind pianos, bookshelves, desks and doors for years. Years people years.

It has also been years since the girls have actually used them. In our journey toward more intentional, simpistic living these were a no-brainer to toss in the fire pit and say goodbye.

I do, though, still want options for geography lessons to be front and center, even if they are subtle.

When I found Kailtyn making this (picture below) version of America on the floor with yarn, I was inspired to do a post on Creative Geography options.

  1. Get creative about using found materials to practice state shapes, country shapes, road ways and mountain ranges.


2.  Shower Curtain! In light of our now burnt geography posters I bought this shower curtain from Amazon for the girls’ bathroom  (and bonus…I had been wanting to for a long time, so now I had an excuse!)

shower curtain

3. Hang a US map (or world map) and use it like we do for vacation planning and geography lessons.

4. Geography games: Dart suction guns are perfect for having a shoot out at the wall map. One person picks a state and whoever points or shoots their dart gun on the state (or city) first wins.
wall map blog

5. These blow up globes are great for game playing, trivia question asking and hot potato.

6. Host a Missions Night at your house…whether faith based or not-its still the same idea. Invite someone to your house who has done mission work in other country or state. Share a meal or snacks with them that are native to the area in which they worked. Share some facts with your family about the country or state. Have the missionary share pictures and stories from his/her experience.

7. Bake cookies or pizza in the shape of countries or states, using them as an opportunity for both math, science and geography.

8. Collect quarters from each state. We use something like this one . Ours was a gift years ago so I’m not sure exactly where our original one came from. They also make a National Parks Quarter Collector, which we’ve recently started collecting.

9. Bible lessons, devotionals naturally lend themselves to geography and unit lessons.

10. Map Puzzles. We love them. If you’re into it, use map glue and hang the finished product on your wall. We use this brand of puzzle glue.

11. Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. Search “geography homeschool”, “geography unit studies”. The options are endless.

12. Roadtrippers! Take a road trip. Include in it landmarks for kiddos to find (think scavenger hunt style). Have them plan the trip using Roadtrippers and find cooky stops along the way, choose where to eat, and read books about the areas you are travelling to.

13. Virtual Field Trips! We can’t all afford to head around the world for forever and a day. But with this site we can!

14. Pasta Geography: Who doesn’t love pasta crafts?! Use cold, cooked spaghetti to outlines state or country shapes. Use un-cooked macaronies for little fingers to glue onto geography worksheets.

15. 20 questions geography style…this is a great way to pass time in the car.

16. Brain Quest: years ago we discovered these lovely little card sets at an educational store near where we lived. They are perfect for car rides, camping trips, throwing in a backpack or purse, in the bathroom (come on…what homeschooling family doesn’t have educational tools in their bathroom??).

17. Our Journey Westward has an awesome state history “roadtrip” around the US.

18. A Common Shepherdess has a really cool list of state dinners menus to make at home.

19. Placemats: use these geography placemats from Amazon or make your own: have children color maps and laminate them.

20. Paper Mache globes…man I love paper mache.


Websites We Love:


National Geographic for kids

17 geography websites compiled by Knoweldge Quest

Geography games

Happy Geography-ing!



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