Private Justice Series by Irene Hannon-Book Review

Irene Hannon is another one of my favorite authors! Again, she writes mysteries and suspense, with some romance added in there. If you like any other one of my favorite authors, Mindy Starns Clark or Terri Blackstock, you’ll like her too. I’ve only read three of her books so far, but I can’t wait to read the rest! And, once again as usual, my friend Olivia loves them too!

Here is a summary:

Book 1: Vanished

Pedestrian… Girl in the road… Crashing… Banging… Swerving.

Moira Harrison wakes up in her car… in the woods… in the dark… on a rainy night… on a lonely road…what time is it… midnight.

A man comes to her rescue… He disappears… She calls 911.

Then, when the police won’t believe her story, she goes to a private investigator, Cal Burke. She just barely gets him to believe her story. With him on the mystery, nothing will get past.

At first, Cal and Moira think it’s definitely something to check out, but the farther they get into the mystery, they realize it’s deeper than they thought.

The man that Cal and Moira want, Dr. Blaine, also the Good Samaritan that helped Moira at the accident, has already killed more than one person, using his medical knowledge. Will he get away with one more before Cal and Moira stop him?

With time running out, and Cal out of the country on another investigation, Moira decides to follow Blaine one night. It doesn’t go as she planned, but will Cal get back in time to save her?

Book 2: Trapped

When Laura Griffth’s 16 year old half-sister runs away because she thinks Laura’s to strict, she gets into trouble when nothing goes the way she planned and Laura becomes desperately worried.

With winter upon them and the first snow storm, Darcy and her friend Star know they are not going to make it sleeping in an alley one more night, so they go to a homeless shelter.

Laura comes home from work one after noon and all is quiet, so she goes to check on Darcy, but finds a note instead. When the police won’t do anything but keep an eye out, she goes to a private investigator, James Devlin. Dev isn’t so sure he can do anything about it, but he takes it anyway. When it becomes more than he bargained for, he goes full force ahead.

Mark has already killed more than 3 teenage girls… Without anyone suspecting him. He’s doing it for their own good, he says… Will his conscience let him get away with another? Will Dev and Laura be able to stop before he kills Darcy? Will Dev be able to save the woman that has been taking his heart?

Book 3: Deceived

3 years ago

Police come to her door. “Did your husband and son go on a fishing trip today?” they ask her. Sick feeling in her stomach…

John’s body is found…

Kevin’s is not…

Present day-

“Can I have a poppysicle, Dad?”

Kate hasn’t heard that word in 3 years. And now she hears it on a mall escalator? What’s up?

The police are not believing her story. She goes to Pheniox, and PI Connor Sullivan takes her case. After all, if he can’t solve her case, no one can.

Greg cannot believe Kate Marshall is in St. Louis. This was supposed to be a new beginning for Todd and him. What is he supposed to do?? He is determined to keep his past a secret, at whatever the cost. No one can find out… I covered my tracks well… He Thought. But is there a way they can?

Connor takes the case even though it doesn’t really make sense. She isn’t crazy, he thinks… When the case surprises him, he does not look back or has doubts. Can he stop it before Kevin get hurts? Can he save the son of the woman who is slowly taking his heart? And before she gets hurt?

*some sentences in italics are taken directly from the book.


I LOVE this series. Then again, I love every book! But this series is a good change in writing styles, if you want to try a new author. I would recommend this series to anyone who likes that tingling feeling that comes with mysteries.

When 3 women’s lives are interrupted, they all turn to a 3 respectable PI’s. They, in turn, decide to help them. Everyone learns the importance of carrying each other when life gets difficult, learning that they can’t go through life alone and carry everything, and learning to lean on each other.

I don’t have a Top Ten Favorite Book List, I have so many favorite books! But I do have a Top Ten Favorite Author List, and Irene Hannon definitely makes it!  I think anybody and everybody should read at least one of these books! I guarantee… You’ll love it if you like the genre!

Purchase the Private Justice Series on Amazon by clicking here. 

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