Meal Plan Week of 1/24-1/30

Sunday 1/24 Breakfast-church. donuts. Lunch-chili, popovers Dinner-random cupboard finds Monday 1/25 Breakfast-cereal, toast, smoothie Lunch-random stuff (I may or may not have needed to hit up the grocery store) Dinner-baked chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans Tuesday 1/26 Breakfast-bananas, cereal on the run to the dentist Lunch-one of us had dental work done and is eating… Read More Meal Plan Week of 1/24-1/30

Meal Plan Week of 1/17-1/23

Sunday 1/17       Breakfast-don’t wake me when you leave to get to church before I’m out of bed. Grab a donut while you’re there. Lunch-Party Dinner-Leftovers Monday 1/18 Breakfast-GF waffles Lunch-I have no idea Correction…..the girls had friends over and we ordered pizza… Dinner- Pot roast, potatoes and veggies Tuesday 1/19 Breakfast-smoothies, GF pancakes… Read More Meal Plan Week of 1/17-1/23