Bookshelves and Cake

Anna in a nutshell: Bookshelves, Olive Garden and purple. Purple anything.

Last year’s birthday was the big 13. It was a full on 13 day celebration that included lunch at the Olive Garden (always for birthdays) (for Anna’s birthday anyway); breakfast out with her dad; dress shopping with dad; two surprise sleepovers; a party and prayer for her future with framily (friends who are like family); 13 notebooks from her sister among other surprise gifts, a trip to Hershey Park Christmas Candy Lane; and concluding with a Nancy Drew inspired scavenger hunt around town.

This year was low key.

Low key as in: You want to sleep in? Sure! You want mom to make a cake? Sure! You want pancakes? Sure! You want to spend the afternoon organizing your new bookshelf? Sure! Kaitlyn wants to work on a gingerbread house? Sure! Watch tv? Sure!

But really…aren’t celebrations all about the person whether we spend oodles of money, throw giant parties, or have simple, meaningful experiences? Though I joked about this year being low key it was meaningful and we’ve had so much fun just enjoying the day together.

So here we are…Anna really is in book heaven with the new book case we customed designed for a space in her room and her dad built and brought home today with help from David (this David). Olive Garden has been enjoyed for lunch and Purple Ombre Cake has been eaten with our Wednesday Night Experience group.

Here is today’s journey for Anna’s new bookshelf:

The Big Reveal. At 4ft by 7ft the bookshelf wouldn’t fit through her bedroom doorway. So we revealed it in the dining room.
Plan B was to go through the window. There’s David standing on the roof and Daisy not quite figuring out why this was the case…
Cut once, measure twice right? This is the second measurement just to be sure it would fit.
Still on the ground, the shelf would soon be hoisted onto the roof.
Jeremy came through the house, hopped onto the roof while David pushed it up from the ground.
David’s turn to come back in the house while Jeremy pushed the shelf through the window and David guided it to safety inside.
Standing it upright in order to place it in it’s resting place.
Almost there….
Now the window gets put back in place.


This was hard work, Daisy says. A rest is required.
And now the fun begins. Anna is sorting her books by author.
There is another shelf on the bottom not seen in this picture with books on it as well. Jeremy asked if she has a Dewey Decimal System in place.


Anna asked for this Ombre cake. Ombre is the French term for graduated colors. It’s a four layer King Arthur Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix (the price listed here doesn’t represent what I paid for it in the grocery store.) and moist as all get out with a satisfying chocolate taste.  I actually think it’s far better than non-gluten free cake mixes. She found this cake on Pinterest (scroll down to the second  purple cake). And I got some decorating tips from this site.


Conversations with her Maine Grama and Grampa, lunch with family, cake with friends, tv with Laura Ingalls and an afternoon with Mindy Starns Clark, Irene Hannon and a myriad of other fave authors was a birthday well celebrated.






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