We Took the Day Off

The girls and I took the the day off today.

Because we are tired. Not physically tired, weary tired. Tired of constant busy, constant driving, constant trying to remember what is we are are supposed to be doing, constant feeling like we’ve forgotten something.

Because we haven’t had one day out of the last 12 that we’ve had a free moment.

Because of all times of the year, the Advent season-the time looking toward Christmas-should be full of peace and joy not frantic and frazzled.

Because last night, after an already full day of school and errands Anna worked on a math final at 7:00 p.m.

Because Kaitlyn and I drove into the parking lot for her martial arts class last night and she started crying. Not an angry cry. Not a fear filled cry. A tired cry. A weary cry that confirmed the need for rest.

Because I went around to her side of the car, opened the door and she fell into me weeping. Slow, steady tears that flowed for twenty five minutes.Because there was nothing wrong, she said. She was just tired.

Because when we got home at 8:05 Anna was still working on her math final-and was yet unfinished. We put our pajamas on, shared a blanket on the couch and watched re-runs of The Partridge Family until 9:30 when I had all but fallen asleep on the couch.

Because when I went to bed Kaitlyn followed me and climbed in next to me, snuggling with me like it was as important as the air she breathed.

Because our kids need to know their sense of being is more important than checking things off the to-do list. That their emotional, spiritual, physical and mental health is important to take care of. Because THEY are important. That it’s okay to say no.

Because my momma’s heart knew that this was a teachable moment. A moment that could send the message to my kids that pleasing others is more important than tending to themselves. A moment that could tell them to put themselves on the sidelines to take care of everyone else. Or I could send the message that this moment could assure them that it’s okay to listen to their bodies, their spirits and learn to trust themselves.

Because I need them to know they can work hard, play hard and rest hard. And that each of those things can live in harmony with each other. That each one has it’s own season to thrive, and right now resting has made it’s voice heard. So rest we will.

Right now, I need to trust my gut. Trust the feeling inside that tells me my girls are wearing out. That we need to connect. Read books together, do a craft, laugh.  That material things, busy things, all things will be there tomorrow and can have our attention then.

Today we rest.

We are snuggling, binge watching Girl Meets World, holding new babies, visiting new moms, staying in our pajamas, baking, playing, laughing. Whatever the moment deems worthy is what we are doing.

And that, mommas, is enough.

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