Holy Expectation

As I’m writing these words, completing my thoughts on expectations, on the importance of being prepared a knock arrives on the backdoor.  

I’m still in my bathrobe, unshowered with unbrushed teeth, the chores haven’t been done. In fact nothing has been done this Monday morning. The kids just barely began to do school. 

I am unprepared for company. 

My own words have just become incredibly real…..


Expectation: a belief that something will happen or is likely to happen

Preparing for company to arrive, choosing that perfect gift for a loved one, dreaming of a wedding, building a nursery, planning for a holiday, baking and cleaning for party guests to step through the front door for a time of celebration. Studying and forming words to offer a congregation on Sunday morning, preparing for a test, planning a vacation, writing events on a calendar.


Expectation isn’t the “oh no someone’s at the door and I’m still in my pajamas at 11:30 and the house is a mess” kind of moment. It isn’t a moment at all.

Expectation is a journey.

It is the preparing ahead of time for what we know will happen at a later date, time or place. It’s preparing the house now for company tomorrow or next week. It’s the planning of that special meal, special moment.  It’s the period of time in the messy middle between our when our desires take root, and our next stop along the journey. It’s the waiting between now and later.

Holy: exalted or worthy of complete devotion as one perfect in goodness and righteousness

Expectation: a belief that something will happen or is likely to happen.

Holy Expectation.

It’s the praying now, expecting God to answer at some point,though we don’t know when.

It’s work now, expecting results at some point, though we can’t be assured of the date.

It’s raising children now, believing they will be tomorrow’s Christ-centered leaders in their communities, homes and churches.

It’s loving the unlovable now, believing God loves them with all of his being.

It’s the tending of our hearts now, preparing it for the Savior’s arrival.

Advent is upon us. We are in full expectation of the Christmas holiday to arrive. We have once again found ourselves in the season of the year where presents, music, decor and gatherings take precedent over all other regularities of life. Advent is the time of preparing our hearts for the arrival of Christ and our celebrations of His birth, preparing our homes and families for celebrations and gift opening, of special foods and quiet, intentional moments.

In the bigger picture of life though, Advent is the expectation of the arrival of His coming Kingdom.

May our hearts be mindful and prepared of that impending arrival. Of the returning of Christ as King.  My prayer for myself, my family, my church, my world is that we will see Jesus as worthy of expecting. That we will prepare ourselves now for the journey; knowing, expecting He is to come, and not wanting Him to find us unprepared.

Holy Expectations.





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