Cookies and Sprinkle Fairies

Sunday. once again. brought visitors to our home. Despite the fact that my own daughters were away for the afternoon didn’t stop our 8,9, and 11 year old friends from hanging out with us for the afternoon.  With church in the morning and the promise of an Advent service in the evening our young friends asked if they could stay at our house between services. Christmas cookie baking was quickly, and with a round of applause, put on the schedule for Sunday afternoon.

We ate lunch together, the three of them and myself, and promptly got to baking.

Each one made a batch of sugar cookies as they read the recipe and filled up the mixing bowl with precision. As soon as the first batch was mixed, little hands took it from the bowl and placed it on the table, waiting anxiously with rolling pin in hand.

“Why do you have so many cookie cutters?” They asked.

“We make a lot of cookies.” I told them.

“For every holiday?”

“Yes, for every holiday.” I replied.

“Are we making these from scratch today?”

“Yes. YOU are making them from scratch today.” I told her.

“Cool”, she replied as she shook her head in cool sort of way.

Some of the cookie cutters were ones I used with my mom as far back as I can remember. Others, the newish ones, were gifts to my own girls, ones we’ve purchased from visits to kitchen stores and others we’ve bought for specific purposes.

There are many years of cookie baking in those cutters. They bring with them many memories of little floured hands making lines in sweet dough.

Sunday was no different. They weren’t my own children, but ones who made a deposit in their own memory banks.

The cutters were chosen, largely I watched, according to each one’s personality, and placed aside for their sole use. The white frosting was mixed with an array of colors. By the end we had 7 colors and plain white frosting.

The sprinkles were taken down from the cupboard and eyed with excitement.

Batches of baking came in rounds and each child patiently waited, chatted and waited for their batch to be ready to frost.

After each one had frosted, decorated, and eaten (maybe a few more than they normally would have been allowed to eat…just maybe) some of their cookies it was time to head back to church for the evening’s Advent service.

I took notice of my kitchen…..sprinkles of every Christmas shape and color were on the table, the floor, the chairs, the counters. I’m pretty sure the Sprinkle Fairy exploded in our kitchen.

100 percent fun. 100 percent sprinkle. 100 percent worth it.




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