Packaging Those Gifts!

Wrapping Paper is cute….and sort of fun with all of the designs available. Gift bags are easy,  fairly cheap and reusable. Both are perfectly fine for giving gifts in, but after I made 60 mini-loaves of banana, pumpkin, banana chocolate chip and orange cranberry bread to give away and eat for Thanksgiving I thought it would be fun to find some new ways to package gifts for the holiday season. For packaging the breads I dug through my party supply tote and found little gift bags left from these favors, and extra ribbons. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s cute.


In scouring Pinterest (if you don’t yet…follow us on Pinterest. I have far more pins than I will ever follow through with in my entire life….I have an addiction.) Pinterest inspires me, so I’m linking some different ways for wrapping gifts and wanted to share, inspire, remind you that living beautifully doesn’t need to cost a lot.

I’m hoping these will inspire you as much as they have me. Happy Wrapping!

Brown Paper Wrappings from TopInspired

brown paper wrap

Mason Jars from Sweet Tea and Saving Grace

For Kids: Creative Wrapping for Kids from Let’s Wrap Stuff

Chalkboard Wrapping Paper from Going Home to Roost 

DIY Polka Dot Paper

Sustainable Gift Wraps

Other ideas:

Mason Jars: Fill the jar with homemade or bought gift, cover the lid with Christmas fabric or paper.

Use the gift as the wrap itself: Give a kitchen gift inside an oven mitt or wrapped in a new towel or dish cloth.

Use old clothes or cloth to make ribbons.

Use Natural Items such as pine cones, twigs, leaves to add adornments to gift

DIY wrapping paper: Use stamps, or cut fruits and vegetables to use as a “stamp” and stamp designs onto plain cloth or pliable wrapping paper.


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