Chocolate World-A Legit Field Trip

Chocolate World at Hershey Park, PA as a field trip? Yep.  Particularly great for little ones, but otherwise still a lesson in history and geography, business and economics for older kids.

Standing in line for the Chocolate Ride, you’re surrounded by information about cocoa bean harvesting and areas of the world they are harvested in.

Once you step on the moving floor and manage to make it to the “car” you will proceed past singing cows (which I guarantee will decide the name of the ride for the next 5 years if you’re toting toddlers along)….


….and on into the chocolate making practices, cost of chocolate and how much of certain candy bars Hershey’s has made THAT DAY!

And then your camera battery may or may not die and you can’t take any more pictures.

On exiting the ride a very nice staff member will give every member of you’re party a chocolate bar.

The ride exit leads you straight into the shopping area and food court. If you want to buy lunch, it’s great with many options available. Not cheap, but tasty. Seating is ample. The entire food court is cozy, inviting, and comfortable.

Benefits: 1. Chocolate World is primarily free. There are things you can pay for if you choose…shopping, lunch, extra activities, but the ride, history and entry are free. Often times the parking is free as well. 2. Chocolate World is inside, so on cold winter days this is a great quick day out.  3. You get free chocolate. 4. It’s great for all age levels, and easily accessible for families with strollers.

You could easily make a learning unit from visiting Chocolate World. Lessons in History, Geography, Economics and Business would all be aptly appropriate. PLUS you get chocolate!

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