We Bought You A Gift

I picked them up, just as I do every week. Beautiful, smart kids. We talk small talk during the 15 minute ride to and the 15 minute ride home.  Every week it’s the same conversation, same topic. School, lunch, new baby sister, homework. This week included thoughts of pumpkin pies, turkeys and school parties.

As they made their way from the back of our minivan to the exit with the church doors in view they stopped and handed me a bag.

“Miss Chrystal, we bought you a gift.”

Seven words that make every single second of ministry worth it.

They watched while I opened it. My heart melted.

They had thought of me at some point in the week.

Perhaps as often as I pray for and think of them?

I thanked them with a momma’s heart and they bounded out of the car and through the front doors.




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