Song Review – Reveal the Kingdom by Downhere

With this Sunday being Reign of Christ the King Sunday (the last Sunday before we start a new cycle with Advent) I’ve been reflecting on songs that celebrate the return of Christ with anticipation of His eternal kingdom.  There are some great songs out there, though I wish there were more to help believers imagine our great future in Christ.

Reveal the Kingdom by Downhere is a beautifully crafted song that not only imagines forward the eternal reign of Christ, but also our participation in the Kingdom of God starting now.  It is not, like most songs of eschatological imagination, a strong and powerful anthem.  The song is simple, sweet, and soft.  It is an invitation, a longing of expectation for Christ with a settled surrender of the soul.  The listener can feel the pull of tension within the heart for Christ to bring all things to completion under his reign, and to experience the world imagined in Revelation 21, but knowing at the same time that this Kingdom has already, in a sense, arrived within the hearts of those who have made Christ King.  Our work is to appropriate that kingdom in the world, to bring it forth, to give it flesh.

Reveal the unseen Kingdom, the glory of the new Son

Wherevermore His love imparts the Kingdom in our hearts

Reveal the Kingdom.



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