Cape Refuge Series by Terri Blackstock-Book Review

cape refuge series

Here is another one of my FAVORITE book series!!  I love the Cape Refuge Series by Terri Blackstock!! It’s the same genre as MY ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOK, Echoes of Titanic. If you love mystery, suspense, and romance, you’ll love this as much as I do!! And I can guarantee that I’m not the only one who LOVES this 4-book series! My mom read it and loves it as much as I do! I let my friend borrow them, and she fell in love with them also!!!

Here is a summary:

Book 1-

When Morgan and Blair Cleary’s parents’ are found murdered in their warehouse church, their lives become untangled in a mess of events. When Chief Cade, a close family friend, tackles at the case full force, the past begins to fall apart, unanswered questions are answered.

Book 2-

When Chief Cade goes missing, Cape refuge goes into an uproar. As the police force struggles to find clues to his whereabouts, Blair starts her own investigation. As they both work as hard as they can, they slowly track him down. True feelings are discovered in this second book of the Cape Refuge series!

Book 3-

When Morgan has a miscarriage, she is deeply depressed. When she goes to Lisa Jackson for support, her friend disappears! Her husband refuses to believe that it was anything other than foul play! As this family goes on their third adventure in the series, their faith in God is once again tested.

Book 4-

Once again, the town of Cape Refuge is challenged when several teenage girls go missing. After the first two are found dead, exactly following the scene of a murder mystery book whose author just happens to be in town working on his new book, time becomes VERY important, before the next girl is found dead. Then, when the next suspect becomes Cade, he tries as hard as he can to clear his name.



My friend,Olivia, gave me her opinion on it. Here it is:

‘The cape refuge series is one of my favorite series. It has some captivating mysteries with some romance here and there. I love that Terri Blackstock kept you on the edge of your seat, she never really led you to the murderer unless you really paid attention to the book. That is why Cape Refuge is one of my favorite book series.”

What I love about this series is it’s a good, suspenseful, clean, Christian murder mystery. As they solve these mysteries, they are tested in their faith, but as the move out of their adventures, their faith becomes stronger every time. As they learn to lean on faith, friends, and family, some for the first time, others not, they make it through every time!

I love this series! Mom loves this series! Olivia loves this series! And I think YOU will too!


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