Freezer Apples-How to


a bushel of apples given as a gift

has turned into this…..

Sausage Apple and Onion Kabobs

and this….

Apple Chips

They also turned into freezer apples. Simply put….apples for the freezer because I didn’t want to make any more applesauce or my eyes would have fallen out.

Freezing apples are so easy and allow the freshness of the season’s apples to be tasted later in winter months. They work well in muffins, cakes, smoothies, pies….anything you would normally bake or cook, rather than eating them raw.

Step 1. Rinse and peel apples.DSC_0069Step 2. Cut apples into bite sized pieces. DSC_0070

This little red knife is my favorite and the go-t0 paring or knife for my mom, gram and I. It’s easy to hold, very sharp and lightweight. DSC_0071Step 3. Place a funnel inside a Ziploc bag-pint or quart size works. I used pint sized here. It comfortably holds 2 cups of cut apples. DSC_0073Step 4. Before closing bags, make sure to squeeze the air out. Close bag tightly and label, label, label-amount, food, date. DSC_0074

Find recipes for the apple chips and kabobs here..

Apple Chips

Sausage Apple and Onion Kabobs

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