Art, Chocolate and Decorating

Kaitlyn takes a martial arts class weekly. It might be as fun for me as it is for her, as I get to sit and visit with the other moms. One evening one of the moms said “I’m not a good decorator. I don’t know what to use on my walls.” My inner soul wanted to cry out “Use what you love! Use what you love! Oh, please use what you love!”

One friend used to have bikes on their wall…it served as both storage and a statement about their family. Another has a cork board filled with memorabilia of her family’s adventures and canvases of her family pics. My mom has whatever she likes on her walls. My walls have antique dishes, an $8 thrift store painting, an Ansel Adams print, family candids, some pretty framed pictures, a map and an old church sign.

I don’t have much on our walls. I tend to like blank space, but if the space will be used, it better be for something that has meaning to it.

Like spending your calories on chocolate. Some things are just worth it.

Tonight The Art Wall came into being. Several canvases have been hanging our around house for a few weeks or months. Tonight they all came into being as one visual effect.

Each one tells a story of it’s own. Rooster and Bricks have their own story.  The two that declare a reminder to LIVE! are Kailtyn’s reminder to the world, and aptly done. She lives fully every single day. The two white canvases with rainbows and rain were done by both girls when Daddy went off to seminary for the first of many two week stints. K was 5 and just starting kindergarten at public school. Anna was just starting 2nd grade.  We were all misty eyed for two weeks.

Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive or hard. It needs to be what you love.

The drum set is a nice homeschool distraction…the doll house was made by my grandparents for me when I was little. it was painted by my girls just few years ago. The pile of randomness in the lower right is currently being put away by one of the children. I don’t know who. I don’t care who. IT JUST NEEDS TO BE PUT AWAY. CAN I GET AN AMEN?!

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