Family Night and Gluten-free Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

Friday Night Family Night! found us in front of the tv in our “new” family room (i.e. changed the furniture around and hung the tv on the wall, plus removed unwanted items) in our pj’s watching, wrapped in blankets watching Inside Out (a brilliant, exceedingly well done must see movie) and eating homemade gluten free ice cream sandwiches. If I do say so myself….they were pretty darn amazing.  ahem….

  1. The eats: Maggie’s Natural’s sprinkles, one container of Pillsbury refrigerated gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough and Yuenling’s All Natural Vanilla Ice Cream. (read why we are a Dye Free Family HERE)


2. Since the dough is all made, simply scoop out a spoonful and form into balls. Whatever size you choose is perfect, just keep them all consistent. And remember…you need two cookies per one ice cream sandwich. I made 8 cookies for 4 sandwiches. DSC_0205-001

DSC_0207-0013. After the cookies are done, baked according to package directions, let them cool completely OR just slightly warm…oh the gooeyness of warm cookies and cold ice cream….yumma. Size them so corresponding cookies match to form one sandwich. I think it is easier to place them next to each other.

4. Mix whatever sprinkles you like (holiday colors or shapes, chocolate chips, nuts, whatever suits your fancy) in a bowl. DSC_0209-001

5. I forgot to take a picture of this step, but you get the idea. Add one scoop of vanilla ice cream on one cookie, add the top cookie (push it down just a bit) and roll in the sprinkles. Repeat. The glorious part of this….is choosing to either eat it now or stick them in the freezer for later. But seriously…just eat them now. DSC_0212-001

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