30 Days of Fall Days 27, 28, 29, 30-Real Life at The Parsonage-it’s been a busy weekend

There are certain times of the year that life just spins with busyness, right? For the minister’s family it’s typically the Easter Season, VBS and summer camp season, and rounding the corner of fall into winter holidays, we begin busyness, in our case, with Trunk or Treat and go directly into Thanksgiving and Christmas Preparations.

Thus right now begins a busy season of life for us. Since it wasn’t feasible to take time and blog over the last couple of days I’m including the entire weekend in one post.

On Friday our day began with school around 8:30 or 9:00 a.m. Prayer Group for me,  piano and drum practice from 10-11 for the girls and a late breakfast meeting for Jeremy. From 11:00-11:30 Kaitlyn practiced a song that she intends on singing at church and Anna ran the sound for her. I put away some things of mine from Jeremy’s church office. At 11:30 we came home, worked on school and remembered that Anna had riding lessons at 1:00. Jeremy and I drove my car to the mechanic, and when we got home I made Daisy’s Halloween costume.

She was a Daisy!

At 12:30 we left for riding lessons. On the way I realized I forgot. to. feed. my. children. lunch. Kaitlyn and I dropped Anna off and went to Sheetz (not stellar healthy lunch I know) and grabbed sandwiches and chips. I started to have mom insecurities about my own parenting abilities as I watched the other mom who’s daughters Anna rides with, mother her 7 children, 6 of which are adopted and some of whom have special needs.

And I forgot to feed my kids lunch.

At 3:00 p.m. when we returned home, the girls worked on more school until 5 or so, while I made Kaitlyn’s costume.

A Peacock!

On Friday night I made homemade potato chips and something else I don’t remember for dinner. Kaitlyn had a friend over for a couple of hours before the four of us settled in to watch the World Series and paint boxes for Anna’s Trunk or Treat station.


Saturday-Kaitlyn didn’t have Karate at 10:30 this morning like most Saturdays but we still had a boat load of things to do. The outside needed to be picked up, the inside needed to be picked up. School stuff needed to be put away and I still hadn’t bought candy for Trunk or Treat.  Anna asked if I had remembered to make the sign for her station. No, nope, I hadn’t.


The roll away bed needed to be made and placed in K’s room for overnight company and other bedding just needed changing. Jeremy took the girls to church and had piano lessons with them, while I cleaned up the house and ran some errands. While I was running those errands, sleepover friends arrived and Jeremy engaged in a game of touch football with a group of guys from church for the afternoon. I headed over to church to get ready for Trunk or Treat.

Also, Jeremy made me a latte after he played football because there is no Starbucks within 45 minutes of us and I thought I would die without a tall skinny vanilla latte. He put it in a Starbucks mug for me:)

At 4:30ish J headed out to pick up some kiddos for T or T and I stayed at church for the remainder of the evening. At 5:30 p.m. T or T volunteers arrived and set up food and cars with candy and over the next 2 hours we had streams of people from the area visit our trunks, get lots of goodies and then hang out in the church for a little bit munching on chili, mac and cheese, chips, sweets, drinks and, well-intentioned celery and carrots. They weren’t so much of a hit. I tried.

We love trunk or treat!
Charlie came too.
This little fella came too.



The Duck Dynasty Crew showed up.
K and a friend.
The church parking lot filled with cars and candy.


There was a legit real conversation happening here. I kid you not.
I tried.

At 8:30 pm I took the kiddos home that Jeremy had picked up and returned home to our own kids and their sleepover friends doing the annual Candy Swap. You know, where the kids pick out everything they like from their own bags and everything they don’t like goes in the middle for the others to take from.


At 9:00 p.m. friends came over with popcorn and The Avengers and we had a movie night. By 11:30 we were in bed and, attempting to fall asleep, but, not able to I laid in bed awake until 1:17 a.m. I was thankful for the extra hour of sleep.

Sunday mornings always finds me waking up wondering if I was supposed to do something I forgot to do and need within the next three hours. Luckily I wasn’t on do anything that yesterday.

I did my normal red church van run to the town across the mountain and picked up some kids for church and did some odd and end cleanups from Trunk or Treat in the church kitchen, had a few conversations and prepared for Worship.

After church I came home with sleepover friends and their dad to help them gather their things, though we discovered we all did quite poorly as their sleeping bags, pillows, candy, brushes and leggings are still here. I made my girls a quick lunch and sent them back to church for puppet practice until 3 p.m.

I drove the red van back across the mountain to deliver the kiddos.

Jeremy and walked up to the little restaurant in our neighborhood for a lunch date with money from Pastor’s Appreciation Gifts. It was a blessed hour together.

We arrived home at 2:00 p.m., he took the normal Sunday Afternoon Pastor’s Nap, while I drove into town for a couple of things. Returning, I cleaned up our kitchen a bit and set the table. We had company coming at 4 for an early dinner. Bonus! They brought the food.

Warm, veggie filled bone-in beef stew, olive oil and sea salt encrusted baked potatoes and fresh baked gluten free chocolate chip cookies. Oh man….

We sat around around the dining room table for three hours talking. It was one of those visits that, when it’s over, you feel inspired.

At 8:30 last night the girls and I drove twenty minutes to Kohl’s because Anna needed some clothes (who told her she could grow?) and Jeremy gave the dog a bath. Darn fleas….

At 9:30 he texted me and said “I might be asleep when you get home.” Sure enough he was, but the World Series was still on and it was an exciting game and when he told me the score was 2-2 I turned the tv on to watch it. Go KC!

As much as I tried to watch, I couldn’t keep my eyes open and sleep took over just until the announcer yelled something to the effect of “KC HAS WON!” I vaguely remember the moment.

So here I am on Monday afternoon, my house is quiet. It’s peaceful…like the kind of peace that only comes after life has catapulted itself into high speed for a time. I found my still pajamad self reading newspaper articles about vegans sometime around 11:00, while I ate a tiny Butterfinger and Resee’s Cup. (Parent tax). The dishes had already been done and taken care off a load of laundry was in. The girl’s online classes haven’t been working today so they cleaned bedrooms, put away laundry and K spent some time drawing while Anna picked up a book. Later we’ll go for a hike.

The dryer is on the fritz it seems and I could hear Jeremy taking it apart while I sat alone at the table. After 30 minutes or so he came up dressed as Dyer Barrel Man. You should have seen it. He took off to Lowes and, with a coupon in hand from yesterday’s paper bought himself a coffee and snagged a free Vanilla Latte from McD’s for me. It’s not Starbucks, but it is from my husband and it’ll do just fine.

The windows are open, the heat is off, the leaves are golden yellow with brown curled up tips. Next year’s memories of home, holidays and relationships are fresh with the promise of growing sweeter by the day. Thoughts of community are still on my mind and in my heart. A lunch of leftover beef stew and potatoes from friends reminds me that God provides every.single.thing.we need, spiritually and physically.

Life can be busy sometimes. Extraordinarily busy, but lives were touched this week, my kids have one more memory in their memory banks, new friends were made, and our church was open to the community we love and serve. And in the big picture of life this weekend’s rewards far outweigh anything else.

Life if good.

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