30 Days of Fall-Day 24-Weddings!

Who doesn’t love a fantastic wedding? We got to attend two this month! In the first we had the opportunity to simply be guests, a rare thing since in most weddings we attend Jeremy is the officiant and the girls and I watch him from the pew. But in this first wedding, Matt and Jenny’s wedding, we got to sit together and watch my dad in the role of officiant.

We drove to Maine, taking a week’s vacation, spent time with my parents, celebrated my Dad’s birthday,and, among other things, cooked a New England Boiled Dinner.

We had a multi-level purpose for this trip. It was planned around my cousin Jenny’s wedding. After a week with my parents, we four, plus mom and dad picked up Gram and we all drove 2 hours north to Winterport (south of Bangor, NW of Bar Harbor) to attend the wedding. It was a cold, brisk, foliaged New England Day. Sweaters and jackets were definitely acceptable wear for this outdoor wedding. The wedding was Saturday, and on Monday we drove back home to PA to prepare for wedding number two. Favors needed to be finished, tables needed to be decorated, dresses and tuxes needed to be picked up, rehearsal needed to be practiced and the church needed decorating.

What a blessing and honor to be part of a wedding.

This was a different experience from the first. In the first, Jenny and Matt’s, memories filled my mind of Jenny as a little girl, of family get-togethers, Christmases and Thanksgivings, sitting around Gram and Gramp’s long table overflowing with homecooked foods. Celebrating this moment with someone you have watched grow is a sure fire way to bring on tears and enormous pride all at the same time.

In this second wedding, David and Andrea’s, they are friends who have become family, as in mi casa su casa. My kids see David as a big brother and Andrea as a big sister. Daisy thinks David is her BFF. Long conversations over texting and around the dining room table have taken place. Impromptu visits are the norm. In this wedding we got to be part of the planning, part of the preparing and part of the marriage ceremony.

In David and Andrea’s wedding we were in the wedding party-something I haven’t done since our wedding 17 1/2 years ago and something Jeremy has done only once since that day. Anna was in two weddings as a toddler…in the first she was the flower girl and we bribed her with cheese and a binky in order to get her to walk down the aisle. (She did awesome). In the second wedding, her uncle’s, she was also the flower girl, but when the doors opened and she saw the large crowd looking at her, she refused (I’m mean REFUSED) to walk down the aisle.  But she was still pretty darn cute.

In a fun twist, though, in this wedding, Jeremy was not only one of the groomsmen but the officiant too. The girls also got to be part of this wedding as the bulletin and guest book attendants. It was Kaitlyn’s first role in a wedding:)

We knew David and Andrea before they were a couple and now know them as husband and wife. I listened to Jeremy encourage them to “let their lives be a sermon” in place of his own sermon during the ceremony and as I read “The Art of Marriage” it was hard to hold in the tears. Surrounding such friends at such as time as this is beyond blessing.

Here are the pics and details.

Wedding 1-

Bride and Groom: Matt and Jenny. Jenny is the youngest of the cousins on my mom’s side of the family. I remember the day she was born…oh man….weepy eyes are coming. Jenny was one of my flower girls so many years ago. Katie was my other flower girl and she got married last summer. The years are going faster than I realize.

Town: Winterport, Maine

Venue: The eighth hole of Streamside Golf Course

Reception: The restored barn on location.

Eats: Brick Oven Pizza, made on premises from Cafe Miranda (Rockland, ME.), marinated veggies, humus and bread

Cool Factors: Outdoor bonfire with S’mores, yard games, wedding trellis made that morning of birch wood, family togetherness, a casual, rustic yet classy feel, a chandelier hanging in the middle of a barn, a basket of warm blankets, all things Maine

jenny calden bride



The setting…the 8th hole, top of the course.


That’s my dad on the left…He was officiating the wedding, and the groom on the right. Hi, Matt!
jenny walking
This photo taken by Darcie Calden


Jenny matt fave

Mr. and Mrs.!!!!!
The reception barn and Kaitlyn wrapped in a blanket.


The guest list.
The Bridal Cake.


A shamless picture of my kids.
Legit…the brick oven from Cafe Miranda. If you’re ever visiting Rockland, ME. this is a must see.
Marinated veggies and meats.
I love food pictures.




Jenny wedding party
Jenny Matt 2
This photo courtesy of http://lindabarryphotography.com/
This photo courtesy of http://lindabarryphotography.com/

Wedding 2:

Bride and Groom: David and Andrea, friends who have turned family, regular company at all things Smallwood.

Location: Lavelle Church of the Nazarene

Reception: Fountain Springs Country Inn

Eats: A full sit down, family style meal for all 140 something guests with fish, turkey, ham and all the fixins’, wedding cake.

Cool Factors: Everything fall-pumpkins, mum, leaves, lights-decorated the church and reception hall, lantern centerpieces, photo booth, formal yet fun, all the guys in the wedding party wore superhero shirts under their tuxes, wedding party pics taken in the woods, a full on dance party (as in we said goodbye to the DJ as he packed up before everyone had left)

Also, I learned to dance the Beer Barrel Polka.

The pictures of this wedding are different considering we were in it and couldn’t take as many of the ceremony itself.

The Preparation








Moms of Bride and Groom


Post Ceremony Pics







The Reception


The head table.
Mason jars served as favors, seating assignments and table decorations.



david andi reception jeremy rachelle

david superhero

david andi reception chrystal rachelle
And us..because how many times do you get to dress like a princess?

david andi us wedding


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