30 Days of Fall-Day 23 – Fall Family Day

Pre-children days are when this Fall Family Day tradition began for Jeremy and I. It started slowly via my job at the time of running an urban compassionate ministry center in Norristown, PA. I took “my” kids on a field trip to Lancaster County where we all picked pumpkins and learned about the Amish culture.

After I left that ministry to stay at home because of this life experience  Jeremy and I continued to visit the pumpkin patch, and spend a day together in Lancaster County, generally on Columbus Day, when he had off from teaching school. When Anna was born we continued this pumpkin patch visit. Even after we moved 2 hours north and birthed another baby, we continued this tradition. 

Sometime over the last few years, though, that tradition has changed from visiting the pumpkin patch to choosing a new fall experience each year.

Fall Family Day is a day we take off to be together with just the four of us. Last year we visited Wellsboro, PA and the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. We ended up on the edges of a large Halloween parade and we visited the shops and restaurants in town. We traveled East on Route 6 and stopped at a couple of antique stores along the way.

This is a day that we have learned we need to plan ahead or it quickly gets swallowed up by other activities.

Traditions are so important, aren’t they?

We took off on Monday, yesterday, and decided to head to take a drive on Route 6 (the part we didn’t drive last year). We stopped in Wilkes-Barre to have lunch at Chipotle. Oh man, Chipotle. It never stops being yummy. I had a burrito bowl, Jeremy had a burrito, the girls each had make your own tacos with chicken, corn, lettuce and cheese.

When lunch was over we headed on our way. Route 6 was in peak foliage. The whole trip took about 5 hours to drive the particular loop we chose, including whatever stops we decided to make along the way.

We found a cute little country store, stopping in to buy pumpkins for soup and carving. I bought a fresh apple to snack on.

We stopped in Hawley and visited a couple of stores.

Then we traveled onto view Lake Wallenpaupuk , which I was really excited about since I had been wanting to visit for years and we just hadn’t. It was stunning, peaceful and quiet. The water lapped the edges of the shore just a tiny bit, and every once in a while the breeze would bring the scent of fresh lake water over to visit us. There is nothing like the smell of fresh lake water.

After our visit to the lake, we continued driving and found a Wawa, which my Philly born husband NEEDED to stop at and get a sandwich and coffee. (We don’t have Wawa in our little town.).  We all grabbed dinner, as by now it was close to 5:30 and lunch had been eaten at 11:30. Even Daisy got a peanut butter granola bar, since I may, or may not, have forgotten to take her food along with us. I had tomato bisque, which was pretty tasty, and a banana. Anna ate turkey and cheese and Kaitlyn ate chicken strips.

We continued on our way home finding as many backroads to drive as we could to complete our foliage peeping for the day.

When we arrived home around 7 we carved our pumpkins,cleaned up and changed into warm PJs for some snuggle time on the couch and a chance to watch The Voice. 

Fall Family Day 2015 is complete.

A quick pull off of Rt. 6.
Two of those pumpkins will soon become soup.
Hawley, PA
This little store truly was a trading post…it had everything you need!
The What Knot store.
We happened upon this little Juke Box store just a couple of store fronts down from The WhatKnot Store. This is a MUST SEE if you’re in Hawley.



Lake Wallenpaupuk
The Shores of Wallenpaupuk


The Foliage
The annual carving of the pumpkins.


Kaitlyn, Anna, Dad, Mom

One comment

  1. All of your pictures are lovely! Wawa is a tradition if you are from” that neck of the woods”. My friends in Florida were so very excited when they built a Wawa near Punta Gorda. Well after all they moved there from” that neck of the woods” originally.


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