We found a deer foot in the driveway. Because this stuff happens to us. On a regular basis.

We don’t find random deer legs in the driveway on a regular basis. That was just once. That once was yesterday. We do, though, seem to have random things happen to us on a regular basis.

For example, we babysat a racing pigeon last year. In a box in our living room. He was in the backyard wandering aimlessly so caught him, saw the tag on his foot, and called the local Pigeon Racing Association, or something like that. The PGA got us in contact with the owner of the pigeon, who at this point we had named Phoebe, and who lived just 5 miles south of us. Mr. Owner couldn’t pick up Phoebe that day, so we babysat her.

The next day, a Sunday, Mr. Owner picked up Phoebe, who, it turns out, was a boy and we renamed him Phoenix. Mr. Owner explained to us that Phoenix was a racing pigeon and that day had flown from Tennessee, but got a few miles off course. Phoenix landed in our backyard 5 miles from his home. He ended up winning 4th place anyway.

Mr. Owner invited us to his house the next day and we got a great science lesson in all stages of a pigeon’s life, their habitats, their predators, and how they learn to race. It really was fascinating.

Take also, for example, our garlic farm camping experience in the middle of nowhere Vermont on a rainy New England night, with a non-existent farm and no cell phone service two miles down a dirt road. But that’s a story for another time.

Take also, for example, the tourists who were walking through our town one day (I’m not sure why they were walking) who were unfamiliar with the Christian church. I found them in front of our house taking pictures of themselves like we were the biggest tourist attraction in town. Jeremy gave them a tour of our church.

Then again, there is the trip to Washington DC in which our car broke down in the middle of the city. My dad and Jeremy took off with the car to the mechanic, after a ridiculous amount of time, while my mom and the girls and I walked about 8 miles through WDC on a day that fluctuated between rain and 90 degree weather only to realize we had $18.00 between us and three phones of which NONE of them had any battery charge. I’d tell more, but I’m still scarred.

There are several days during any given month that we end up with people and kids at our house that we. don’t. even. know. So we feed them and offer them drinks.

Or take the day Daisy the Dog chased down a snorkeler and pounced on top of him in the water, or the day that Daisy the Dog had diarrhea upstream in a waterfall from hundreds of people and Jeremy tried to clean it up with toilet paper. (That, friends, did not work.) Or the time that Daisy peed on the repair man’s jacket.

To add to our list of randomness, yesterday Jeremy brought home a sawed off fresh, warm, still movable deer leg that had been cut off somewhere just below what I imagine would be said deer’s knee,(I don’t know if deer have knees) and had probably fallen out of a truck fresh out of the woods. The deer leg landed in our driveway.

So what else does a homeschooling family do with such opportunity as a found deer leg? We have a science class.

Below are pictures….if you’re squeemish consider this your official warning.

DSC_0623 DSC_0626 DSC_0628 DSC_0629 DSC_0633 DSC_0634 DSC_0638

That is the tendon that Jeremy is pulling away from the leg.

DSC_0640 DSC_0645 DSC_0644 DSC_0650

After Jeremy took the bone out of the leg, he boiled it for Miss Daisy.
She didn’t fully understand what was about to happen.
Oh but wait…..excitement is building…
Now it’s about to get real….She’s starting to beg.
She’s torn between her blue squishy bone and the actual straight outta the woods bone….
She chose the real one.
Gorgeous, right? The handiwork of God right there in that joint.


  1. I laughed so hard at the shenanigans Miss Daisy got into in the past! Oh My!
    The deer leg looked to be a wonderful science opportunity! Very cool!


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