Real Life at The Parsonage

Right now at The Parsonage

  1. I’m listening to this song much louder than my children appreciate. Repeatedly.
  2. My daughter has been on the phone all morning with someone who is much smarter than me at Chemistry, because I have NOT A CLUE how to balance chemical equations (and who cares anyway?) and so far we’ve gone through one mom reading lessons, watching you tube videos and begging for help on facebook to a friend at church and another friend over the phone. Both of them helped. I, the homeschooling mother, did not.
  3. The fruit flies are killing my kitchen right now.
  4. The laundry room floor is covered with laundry.  And when I say covered, I mean don’t send a small child in alone. My dining room table is taken over with school and craft supplies. The guest bathroom hasn’t been scrubbed in a month.
  5. I have invited our entire church plus others over to our house on Sunday night for homemade apple dumplings around the firepit. Which makes #4 a problem.
  6. I haven’t yet begun to purchase items for the apple dumplings. Which makes #5 a problem.
  7. I ate chocolate frosting from the can. With a knife. And left it open in case I want to eat some more.
  8. I have now moved on to listening to this song and my kids still don’t like it.
  9. Kaitlyn has declared she is dying because of my musical choices.
  10.  The dog got a bath this morning and then decided, still wet, to camp out on the couch before anyone caught her.
  11. My kids are working really hard on school doing Chemistry and test taking.
  12. I am on the computer.

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