30 Days of Fall-Homemade Grape Halloween Costume-Day 20

Aren’t Homemade costumes the best? I love to see kids use their imaginations and come up with something fun for the day. Whether Trick or Treating, a school party or Trunk or Treating having a day where kids can dress up and have fun is always worth the effort. IMG_2331This grape costume is easy peasey.

You will need: a box of medium sized safety pins, 1 square of green felt, bobby pins, 1 brown craft pipe cleaner, 1 bag of large round balloons (green, purple, or red), 1 pencil

To Do: 

  1. Start blowing up balloons. How many depends on how many you will need to cover any particular person. Store them in a safe place! The bathtub works great.

IMG_23072. Cut a round circle out of the the felt. Size it to your child’s head. Approximately 4 inches in diameter will be fine. You can also make leaves to add to it out of the felt if you choose.

3.Grab the pencil and twist the pipe cleaner around it so it curls.

4. Take the pipe cleaner off the pencil and bend the pipe cleaner into 2/3 and 1/3 sizes.

5.Attach the pipe cleaner to the felt round using a safety pin.

6. Next, attach the balloons to your child’s clothing (I recommend having the child wear two layers of clothing-one to cover, one to attach the balloons to.) by putting the safety pin through the end of the balloon and attaching it to child’s clothing.

7. Attach the grape “top” to your child’s head with bobby pins.

8. Wear brown pants if possible to look like a stem. 🙂

Here are some of my fave homemade costumes my kiddos have worn-

They wanted to be kitties this year.
kb in kindergarten halloween parade
Kaitlyn wanted to be a chef her kindergarten year.

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