30 Days of Fall-Day 17-Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins

I’ve long admired the mason jar lid pumpkins that are ALL over Pinterest. I just hadn’t made one. Yesterday though, after I canned some cranberry jelly, I scoped out my mason jar lids and realized I had a lot that were so-so in their abilities to seal too many more jars. With the mason jar lid pumpkin already in mind, I searched Pinterest for some more ideas on how to use these leftover lids. Mer. Cy. There are a TON of things to do with mason jar lids. I just had no idea. It inspired me even more to get to the making of a pumpkin. And it’s easier than I thought.

  1. Use 16 mason jar lids. Mine are rusty and have that storied look to them.
  2. Next, run a string through them. Sorry, I forgot to measure how long it should be.
  3. Pull the string ends together. The jar lids will naturally come together in a circle. They’ll look a little messy, but it’s okay-be patient.


4. Tie the string together in a knot close to the lids. Cut the loose ends off.

5. Arrange the lids in a circle. DSC_0072

6. Now comes the fun part. Add whatever “toppings” you want for the stem.

Long twigs…… DSC_0074

Attach a ribbon or twine to the twigs….DSC_0080

Or put a fall flower in for a fresh look….

Some twine…..DSC_0081

Some leaves……DSC_0089



You can also paint the lids orange if you choose, or add scrapbook paper to them. If you’re on Pinterest simply search for “mason jar lids”. It will show you oodles of options.

I like the simple “as it is” look….


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