Crushed Garlic: Tutorial

If having the choice of using fresh garlic vs. store bought garlic or garlic powder we will most always choose fresh. Using fresh garlic is easy. Here’s a quick tutorial:

1. Break off a clove of garlic from the bulb.
2. Cut off both ends of the clove and peel the outer skin off.
3. Place the cloves on a hard, flat surface.
4. Using the flat side of a large knife place the knife side on one clove of garlic at a time. Place your hand on the knife and smash the garlic underneath. This might take a couple of times if the garlic of thick.
The garlic will look like this.
5. Chop it into whatever size you choose.

Some Tips:

Powdered garlic use for: garlic bread, a quick flavoring to dough, chili

Fresh garlic use for: Sauces, stir fries, stove top cooking type stuff .

Storing garlic: refrigerator drawer, or cool dry pantry/food storage area.

Cost of fresh garlic: less expensive than already processed.

This reem of 5 bulbs of garlic cost $0.99.

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