30 Days of Fall! Day 10-Fall, Boston, DC Talk, and Boys

We were 19. Attending a DC Talk-Jesus Freak concert. He was with a friend. I was with a boyfriend.   Ex-boyfriend, actually. But we had tickets to the concert and went together anyway.

Somewhere in the middle of the concert he found me and we accidentally on purpose spent the rest of the evening together.

We would spend hours together riding bikes through Boston, studying, walking along the Atlantic Shoreline just blocks from college and falling in love with each other and the city of Boston.

“You know it’s been almost 20 years since this record came out?” he asked me tonight as we were listening to DC Talk’s Jesus Freak Album.

Yeah…I did and I didn’t all at the same time.

“19.” I told him.

I know…it’s been 19 years since that night at the concert where first decided that together was better than not-together.

19 years that has gone infinitely faster than I ever would have imagined it could, and yet that night, watching my favorite band on stage with my future husband is as clear in my mind now as it was then.

Tonight time allowed me to remember as the circle of life rounded a bend. I felt as a young college student beginning life with a boy on the northshore of Boston all the while standing in my kitchen peeling apples with my children and this same boy who is now growing grey with me.

I had planned all day to post about applesauce. The words never came. Time got away and now, here it is 1:15 in the morning and my words have been drastically changed from apples to life.

Life, perhaps, has a funny way of meandering itself into the smallest of details. Of making its presence known. Of hosting it’s mishaps and successes both. Of lending a hand to the present and offering up the memories of the past alongside the hope of the future.

Boston, DC Talk and a certain boy took over my world 19 years ago and they recaptured my world just today.

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