Echoes of Titanic by Mindy Starns Clark- Book Review

I LOVE mystery, history, adventure, and books. Wrap all of them into one  and you can’t keep my eyes off it!! That’s what Mindy Starns Clark did with her latest stand-alone novel, Echoes of Titanic. I wasn’t even half way into it when it became my favorite!

Here is a summary:

Almost-star Kelsey, who is close to running the company her great-great grandmother Adele helped make a success, receives an unexpected offer. That is, after he finds of startling secrets about the past. Later that afternoon Kelsey finds her assistant dead, having been murdered. From then on, her life starts to fall apart. Everything she worked so hard to get, her position, is on the line in a matter of hours.

Then, when she gets an unexpected call from her former boyfriend, Cole Thornton, with an offer to help her with anything she might need, he is taken by surprise by how much she asks of his company. She wants his help to get to the mystery that is threatening to tear her life apart for good.

Together, with his resources and her resources, they start unwrapping the mystery, which leads them on the adventure of their lives. Along the way, they find danger and deceit from the past. What they did not expect to find from all of this is misunderstanding, forgiveness, compassion, and love.

The author of this book easily makes it flow from the early 1900s to present day.

When the pieces of a long unsolved mystery begin to unravel, as questions are being answered, as characters are tested. Forgiveness is given and taken, love is found, and most of all,  God’s strength and compassion are used to conquer and overcome obstacles.

When characters are tested to the highest of their abilities, when it’s a mystery, along with history, it becomes my favorite book before I’m even half way through!!

Now I have a list of people that I am making read it. My mom read it( and loved it), currently a lady at church is reading it, and then at least 2 of my friends are going to read it! I would recommend this book to anybody that likes mystery, christian fiction, history (specifically the Titanic), with a little bit of romance added in there, trust, forgiveness, compassion, and God’s strength. ANYBODY could read this book and LOVE it!!

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