DownEast Magazine

I love receiving my regular installments of DownEast Magazine. Everything New England in one pretty binding.  It brings a little bit of my childhood home into my grown-up world. I can easily picture myself in so many of the articles and pictures in the pages.  I read it when I have an adequate chunk of time to sit and absorb every little bit of it.

I love the cover of this month’s edition.


Even the ads are gorgeous.


Reny’s…A Maine Adventure


Stunning photos


Interesting facts of various parts of Maine.


Articles that remind me of stories my extended family would tell of the potato harvest. I was always jealous that my Northern cousins would get three weeks off school. Granted they had to pick potatoes but still….


I’m already jealous of the people who will attend the Harvest on the Harbor event. (note to self….edit toes out of picture before posting.)


And then this. Do you see it?


Look! A dead, squished, gutted stink bug. In the middle of one of my favorite magazines. I have no idea how this happened. It is injust. A breach of everything right in the world. A crying shame. A dirty deal. An outrageous violation of the purity of this article. Negligent. Oppressive. A wrongdoing. Plus every other synonym for the word injustice that can offer me. DSC_0287

If anyone ever tries to convince you that stink bugs don’t stink, they have never smelled one.

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