30 Days of Fall!-Day 8-No Mess Pumpkin Craft


Pumpkin Craft Directions

Difficulty: Easy Peasy   Time Needed: 15 minutes

Materials Needed Per Person:

1 square foot of orange fabric

1: 6 x 1 inch length of green fabric

1: bunch of raffia (small handful/few strands will do)

1: 6×1 inch piece of brown construction paper

1 roll of toilet paper


Lay 1 piece of orange fabric flat on the table in front of you.

Place roll of toilet paper in the very center of orange fabric with the hole facing up.

Starting with one corner of orange fabric, tuck corner into toilet paper roll top hole. Continue tucking orange fabric corners (and any remaining materials into top hole) until the toilet paper roll is covered entirely with fabric.

Next, take length of green fabric, fold in half and place in the top hole.

Take piece of brown paper, fold it like an accordion and place it the top hole.

Place bunch of rafia in top hole.

If you choose, tie another strand of rafia around the middle  for added detail.

Now you have a happy pumpkin.


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