30 Days of Fall! Day 6-Homemade Caramel, Caramel Apples and Apple Nachos-Recipes

Man, oh man…..homemade caramel.

If you haven’t made it, you need to.

Right now.


It’s so worth it!

It just takes four ingredients. Four!

Compare that with the ingredient’s list on a tub of caramel from the store. There are a few more than four ingredients in the tub version.

Recipe #1: Homemade Caramel


1/2 stick butter (don’t use margarine)

1 cup white sugar

1 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup milk (I used 2%)

To do: 

  1. Add sugars and butter to a kettle. mix until melted together. Add milk and mix well.

2. Stir, stir, stir.

After about 15 minutes, when it looks like this:


Drop a couple of small drips of caramel on some parchment paper. When it hardens to a good soft/hard caramel texture, it should only take 30 seconds to a minute, it’s ready.  

You should be able to pick it up without it losing it’s form.


Your caramel is ready.

Since it’s fall and apples are in abundance I wanted to make two recipes today using both apples and this homemade caramel.

Recipe #2- Caramel Apples

  1. Put sticks (lollipop sticks, clean tree sticks, small wooden dowls, craft sticks) in center of apple and really push them in, so there is enough stick inside for the apple to stay sturdy and enough outside to hold.

DSC_01912. Holding them by the stick, dip them into the caramel and coat the apple from north to south, east to west. Get it good and covered. 

3. Let the extra caramel drip into the pan, before placing it on the parchment paper.


4. I didn’t find homemade caramel to be as smooth as store bought, but the taste far outweighs the need for smooth candy.


Recipe #3-Apple Nachos


This is one of our favorite family snacks, a perfect family game night snack AND it’s really easy.

1`. Cut apples into small wedges ( I prefer thinner rather than wider wedges-they are easier to eat.) and place them on a platter. 

2. Melt some Chocolate or use the homemade caramel (hint: a dash of veggie or olive oil makes chocolate more pourable)

3. Pour chocolately goodness all over the apples OR pour caramelly goodness all over the apples OR pour BOTH of them all over the apples. Top with white chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, milk chocolate chips, chopped nuts, sprinkles…..whatever suits your fancy.

4. Eat. 


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