30 Days of Fall! Day 5-Appreciating the Everyday

Day 5 of 30 Days of Fall means Sunday. Which means no blogging for this chick. Which means a normal day of ministry. Which means appreciating the everyday people and events that surround me.

Yesterday began at 7:30ish a.m., making lunch preparations for company that we would have after church, throwing the last few dishes into the dishwasher and cleaning up remnants from Saturday night.

At 8:15 I jumped in the shower, readying myself for a 9 a.m. van pick up of some kiddos in the next town over.

From 9:15-9:30 I set up a Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child table at church, that I should have done on Saturday, or any. other. day. last. week, but didn’t.

At 9:30 I taught the youth Sunday School class for an hour as we talked about how the Church and Politics might have some things in common.

The 10:30 church service began, promptly at 10:30 as Jeremy made his way between the Associate Pastor and myself while we were having a discussion in the aisle. I gave one announcement regarding above mentioned Shoe Boxes, enjoyed worship, scripture readings and prayer with our congregation before heading home to finish up preparations for our lunch company.

Baked Rigatoni, garlic bread, salad and cake (both of the latter made by a church friend and lunch attendee) were on the menu for the day.

We hosted a New Friend’s Luncheon for folks at church who are newer to our church. We had ten in attendance, ate and enjoyed getting to know each other over the course of two hours.

In the meantime, the girls had grabbed lunch and headed back to church for puppet practice and lunch.

The afternoon birthed a nap for Jeremy, hang time for the girls and their friends, and clean up/coupon cutting/bad 80’s movie watching/snuggle time with Daisy for me.

At 5 Jeremy woke up, the girls friends left and we went coupon shopping sans Daddy.

$67.00 spent. $68.00 saved. Go coupons!

I grabbed a movie for the girls and came home to friends hanging out around our dining room table,with hopes of picture viewing, firepit sitting, and eclipse watching. We all ate leftover pasta from lunch. It was slightly crunchy.

It was actually very crunchy.

Like eating chips kind of crunchy.

But anyway…

I called my mom at 9 and talked for an hour and a thirty minutes.

We headed back outside at 10:30 p.m. laid on the grass, and some of us, including Daisy, tackled Daddy. We watched the stars shine and the moon’s surface change colors.

At 11:15 we kissed the girls goodnight. At 11:45 Jeremy left for a two hour fire-call a few towns over, and Kaitlyn and Daisy promptly hopped in bed with me. (Somehow D has decided that she is free to get on the bed whenever she wants. Especially when Jeremy isn’t home. I think she has entitlement issues.)

I viewed Pinterest for a little while until my eyes were too heavy to keep open anymore because K looked up at me with giant, sad, blue eyes and asked me if I could find “some candy on Pinterest that you can make so I can eat it”. Because…..we are a dye free family and Miss K. struggles with the idea not being able to eat artificial colors.

Yes. Yes I can.

When I fell asleep Micheal, Jim and Dwight were up to their antics on The Office.

When I woke up this morning K and D were both still in bed with me and Jeremy had piled some couch cushions on the bedroom floor, grabbed a sleeping bag and recovered from fighting a fire post his regular bed time.

Such is the life of a Pastor’s Wife 😉

In all of that….I sat around my table watching our company, so thankful that our home is used for others. So thankful that my girls have good friends; that we have good friends. So thankful that we get to serve in a church who loves us as much as we love them. So thankful for God’s handiwork in the skies. So thankful for families who stay up late and play together.

So thankful for this season.


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