30 Days of Fall! Day 4-Glen Onoko Falls, Jim Thorpe,PA

There are few things more satisfying to us than a hike on a cool fall day,with leaves crunching underneath our feet, chipmunks scurrying away from us, and the difficult choice to take layers off or leave layers on.

Honoring the earth’s seasons and choosing to partake of it, in our opinion, is honoring the God who made the earth to replenish and rest.  Both itself and us.

Pushing our bodies to hike up a new mountain, with all of its crevices, rocks and pathways fuels us. Inhaling the gorgeous, sweet air is breathtaking-sometimes figuratively, sometimes literally. Hiking shows us what we are made of. It’s entirely gratifying.

A local to us hike is Glen Onoko Falls. It is located in Jim Thorpe, PA and is part of the Lehigh Gorge State Park.  It is stunningly gorgeous in the fall.

Take a good pair of shoes, lots of water, lunch and your camera. You’ll be glad you did.



We suggest taking a Pocket Rocket, some coffee (slow drip or instant), a tea bag or hot chocolate, and one  camping mug per person. Have a seat at the top and enjoy the view.


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