Two things you should know: 1) Jeremy sleeps with a fan blowing on him every night, even if he entirely covers his head with a blanket, he will still have the fan blowing on him. 2) I don’t.

Two more things you should know: 1) Jeremy likes to be warm when he sleeps. As in, 75-80 degrees is perfect for him. 2) I like to be cold when I sleep. As in 50 degrees, windows open and 5 blankets on me.

Two nights ago I put a fan in the window to allow for the loveliness of the crisp September air to blow through our house and make everyone happy. When we went to bed this happened….

Jeremy: Hun, do you mind if I take the fan out of the window? It’s freezing in here.

(I’m pretty sure it was close to 65 degrees….whatevs..)

Chrystal: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

J: The fan. It’s cold. Can I take it out of the window?

C: Speak English please.

J: It’s freezing in here!

C: Fine. But can we leave the window open?

J: Fine.

C: I’m putting a fan in my own window to blow on me.

J: That’s fine. As long as it doesn’t blow on my face.

C: You’ve been blowing a fan on my face for almost 18 years.

(awkward pause as we lovingly stared into each other’s eyes and tried to figure out what to say next….)

J: Overblow.

C: Overblow?

J: Overblow. That’s called overblow.

C: What is over overblow?

J: When the fan is really pointed at me, but it blows over me to get to you.

C: Wow.


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