Organize, Organize, Organize plus cute pictures of our kids.

Something about the seasons changing makes me feel the need to organize. Fall means nesting and warmth and cuddly. And for me, it was time to organize some spaces of the house.  I headed to the Dollar General and bought some awesome, sturdy, white basket/tub things. For 5 BUCKS.  Then I bought some small plastic boxes FOR A DOLLAR EACH.  I already had purchased some white organizers from Walmart earlier in the day: three for a dollar, they just didn’t make it into this picture.


I set up camp on the living room floor to go through items from the hall closet, because the American Ninja Warrior finale was on and the girls and I had reserved a solid three hours to eat ice cream and watch it. Boom.

Kaitlyn decided to attempt rigging a zipline from the couch to the window sill.

It. did. not. work.


The pictures you are about to see contain material not suited for anyone slightly organized.

Please don’t judge me.

I homeschool.

I have kids.

I have a husband.

I cook 4000 meals and wash 1900 socks a day.

Those are my excuses.

First up: the medicine cabinet….I’m pretty sure the apocalypse happened in here and no one told me.

After. This isn’t all medicine. Just to be clear. On thinking about it, this could seriously give the wrong impression without an explanation. First Aid, sunscreen, herbs, cold medicine, cough drops, a bag of 100 ear plugs because we took the girls to a really, really loud concert 2 years ago and made them wear earplugs. I paid four bucks for those earplugs, man. They will be around for years.
The hall closet before..crammed with any and everything that had no other place to be. Seriously this closet is about 3 feet deep and each shelf is probably a foot tall. Needless to say, it was full.


I found this creepy as all get out decapitated clown in the hall closet. Wha…..?

The after. I wish I could get a better picture, but the hallway is very skinny and there ins’t room for a full on shot of the whole thing.
The food cupboard Before. 

The top shelf is hot sauces random things and soda mixes for the Soda Stream. The second shelf is full of spices and herbs. The bottom shelf is really the only processed food we keep in the house. On the day of the picture, it had been shoved full of extra tortilla chips and kidney beans from a picnic we had here Sunday, two PB jars because I forgot we had one and bought another and some other basic foods. We only keep one cupboard for food because A.) We keep baking supplies in another cupboard. B.) We don’t eat hardly any processed foods. I make most of our meals from scratch. C.) I do quite a bit of canning. D) We don’t eat bread or a lot of cereal. E.) Most of our food is refrigerator and freezer food.

Food Cupboard After. 

One dollar for three baskets was SO worth it! Baking spices in one basket; salt,peppers, seasonings in one basket and cooking spices in another. Bee pollen and coconut oil take up some space and the cutest little personal salt and pepper shakers you could ever have are in the tiny little silver basket on the left middle shelf. The pasta on the top shelf was .75 cents a box…there’s a future church potluck happening in those boxes.

On the doors of this cabinet, which is right above where I do all of my cooking and baking are pictures of the girls, notes from special friends and recipes we use often.


Like this one of Kaitlyn when she was so tiny.

Amazingly Awesome.

IMG_1748And this one of the baby who made me a Momma. Anna was four months old and this was her first time visiting the Philadelphia Zoo.


So where did everything go from that closet and cupboards?

The medicine cabinet and food cupboard simply needed to be rearranged. The spices were organized by purpose: baking, salt and peppers/herbs/cooking spices, and seasonings (garlic powder, onion powder, steak, lemon pepper, etc.). Same for the medicine cabinet: natural meds/herbs, First Aid, cold medicine/cough drops. The food in the food cupboard was just reorganized as well. Nothing left either the food or medicine cupboards, they just found new homes in the same space.

As far as the closet….oh my, that’s a different story and very much where the baskets come in handy.

Baskets make me feel better about life.

First, I put all of the cookie cutters and cake frosting bags and tips together in one basket. We have an unnatural amount of cookie cutters.

Second, all of our party supplies/wrapping supplies were put in one basket.

Third, our paints, easel and blank canvases were put on one shelf.

Fourth, I have a bag for my bags. Yes, I am that person.

The random kitchen appliances went, wait for it…in the kitchen. The file box went to my little home office space. The random bags went into one bag, and the baking supplies and party supplies went into their own baskets.

The creepy clown head is back in the party bin. It’s waiting for another victim.

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