Tomato Mozzarella Salad-Recipe

Fresh tomatoes straight from the garden…there is just no comparison to store bought tomatoes during the rest of the year. We grow quite a few tomato plants and though the crop hasn’t been too good this year (the whole, “hey let’s go away for two weeks during August and not ask anyone to water our garden” plan didn’t work so well for us). Now that the garden is being watered regularly and the temperatures have, for the most part (minus this week of high 90’s outside) not been deathly hot, the tomatoes are back on.

To the dislike of the rest of the family it is a cool 69 degrees inside.

You can take the girl out of Maine but you can’t take Maine out of the girl.

Hot weather makes me melt.

69 Degree weather makes me happy.

I picked these little, sweet lovelies just outside our front door.


This recipe for Tomato Mozzarella Salad is one of our faves. Hope you enjoy.

You’ll Need: 

2 Cups of washed, de-stemmed, cherry tomatoes

16 oz. of fresh mozzarella cheese, cubed into bite sized pieces

1/4 cup Olive Oil

1/4 Balsamic Vinegar

1 heaping teaspoon of fresh oregano

dash of salt

To Do: 

  1. Wash and de-stem the tomatoes.
  2. Cube mozzarella cheese.
  3. In a bowl place tomatoes, cubed mozzarella cheese, olive oil, oregano, balsamic vinegar, and a dash of salt (for flavor).
  4. Mix well and eat now or refrigerate for later.
2 Cups of Cherry Tomatoes
I pulled a few oregano stems from the garden for this recipe.
If using fresh oregano pull the leaves off the stems and discard the stems.
Gather the leaves in a pile in order for chopping.
You’ll need about this much…..
…which turns out to be 1 heaping teaspoon.
Add cut, bite sized pieces of mozzarella cheese and oregano to the tomatoes. Also add 1/4 cup olive oil and 1/4 cup Balsamic Vinegar. 

Then this happens…….



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