Maine Road Trip-Fourth and Final Post- Celebrating 45 Years of Marriage in Freeport, Maine

Our fourth and final post about our Maine Road Trip. This leg of our journey sent us to Bow Street Market and The Broad Arrow Tavern at the Harraseeket Inn in Freeport, with a little side visit to LL Bean. If you missed reading about the other parts of this trip you can read them here:

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The purpose of this entire day was to celebrate my parent’s 45th wedding anniversary.


Forty five years is worth celebrating.

Plan A was to take them on a scenic drive along a coastal route just south of Bar Harbor, stopping to do interesting touristy things along the way, packing a picnic and making a day of it but the weather had other plans. With all weather channels calling for rain, fog, mist and thunder storms, we decided to go with Plan B.

Plan B wasn’t too shabby.

We started our celebration by having lunch at my parent’s favorite restaurant-The Broad Arrow Tavern at the Harraseeket Inn in Freeport.  


What lunch date is complete without a moose head on the wall?
This is just the beginning of the lunch buffet….
Anna finished her lunch off with this whoopie pie.

Our next stop was Bow Street Market. It’s a quaint, full neighborhood market that offers tons of local, fresh fare.


like this fish and seafood counter….each sign tells you where the fish was caught or raised


This cheese stand is full of four sides with every kind, size and shape of cheese you could want. Beautiful Cheese.
And here, my friends, is a Maple Blueberry slice of joy.  You will want to share this with someone, or a few someones…it. is. rich. I grabbed six plastic forks shared it with five other someones.
Jeremy was checking out the BBQ sauce offerings…so many to choose from.
I love this little nook carved into the store front with tables and chairs for sitting and visiting and watching a rain shower come and go and eating Maple Blueberry cake.

When the rain and cake were both (almost) finished we hopped back in the car and drove just up the road to the shops in Freeport. My dad, not being much a shopper, kept the car warm and people watched. Jeremy headed to a bookstore to book watch and my mom, the girls and I headed to Yankee Candle and then we took a walk down the street to visit LL Bean.

Be still my beating heart. Kayaks. Maine. LL Bean. Rainy Coastal Day. It’s all one pretty package.


It was a low-key, rainy Maine coast kind of day, but that was okay. We were together, doing what my parent’s wanted, celebrating them and the accomplishment of 45 years of marriage.

As we drove home we spotted this guy perched in a tree drying his wings after a downpour.

Bald Eagle, Hallowell, Maine

Here’s to 45 more years…



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