Maine Road Trip-Part Two Tim Pond Wilderness Camps

We recently took a two week, full scheduled road trip to Maine. Week one was a missions trip where we painted the interior of a church, watched a meteor shower on the shores of a lake, saw a moose, ate lobster and visited the ocean. You can read about our Maine Road Trip-Part One here.  Here is Part Two. I know you’ve been waiting…..

After our week of engaging in some hard work and hard play with a missions team from our church, our family of four stayed with my parents in Maine for a few extra days.

Sunday afternoon, after church, lunch, and hugging our PA friends goodbye, we headed to my parent’s house and I promptly declared that I was taking my dog and heading to Wilson Lake, a lake tucked into the town of Wilton with mountains behind it and camps surrounding most of it. If anyone wanted to come with me on this particular afternoon they were welcome, but there was no pressure. Everyone but Jeremy took me up on the offer.

Jeremy was going to sleep.

It is freeing and refreshing to swim in an honest, God-made lake.  Totally different than swimming in a swimming pool or man-made anything. Give me lake any day.

After a couple hours of swimming, floating, watching dragonflies land on our orange noodles, throwing sticks for Daisy to swim to and fetch, hearing the sounds of other swimmers stretched out along the same shoreline and watching the giant white clouds we headed home.

This little guy was so attracted to the orange noodle! He visited with us all afternoon.

We needed to pack once again to head out on Monday for Tim Pond Wilderness Camps, located in Eustis, Maine.  As the crow flies, it’s fairly close to Canada in Maine’s western wilderness.

Tim Pond is a quiet, relaxing camp ten miles down a dirt road, miles away from much of anything. Cabins, fly-fishing, home-cooked meals, kayaks, boats, and fresh, fresh air are yours at Tim Pond. A generator that runs from 6a-2p and again from 4p-10p is the only source of power. The strength of solitude rests on you during a stay here.  Nature is yours to listen to, to receive, to hear it’s voice, to dwell with at Tim Pond. This is a place of no distractions.

The sunrise brings hope of a new day and dawns a new day with warmth. The sunset is something worthy of capturing in a camera lens, but no picture does it justice. It truly is something you have to hold in your heart and just accept. Put down the camera and watch.

The loons raise their enchanted calls across the lake-you can almost see it gliding smoothly from one mountain to the next as it’s echo makes it’s way around the pond. The moose, if you’re lucky to catch a glimpse, are a majestic display of animal, whose body is huge, muscular, strong but whose eyes declare a different message-one of grace, purpose, curiosity, peace.

The stars shine at Tim Pond like they do in few other places. The absence of light allows their glow to pierce the expanse of sky. It is a view worthy of taking a blanket to the ponds’s dock, getting cozy, and settling in to watch the sky from a flat-on-your-back position, where there is little in sight but the stars doing what stars do. It’s a magnificent show. If you’re lucky enough to catch a meteor shower, like we were bring the family along and make your kids watch it. It is a memory worth investing in.

We laid on the dock as the moon hung over the western sky. It shed it’s reflection onto the water and acres of mountains and pine trees below. There was life all around us, yet the quiet allows for hearing the footsteps of nocturnal animals along the shore of Tim’s pond. The ripples of the water hitting the sides and underneath of the dock is enough to lull anyone to sleep.

My uncle, as it happens, owns Tim Pond.

He graciously gifted us with a two night’s stay this month and we accepted.

The choice of things to do at Tim Pond include reading in the library, playing games by the window which overlooks the pond, hiking, kayaking, boating, fishing, swimming, napping, reading.

Or nothing at all.

My girls had their first ride in the back of a truck. It’s the simple things.

Grabbing a drink of lemonade or iced tea from the kitchen and one of Candy’s homemade cookies, which are always available in the cookie jar, and returning to the cabin porch to rock in one of the rocking chairs is reward enough. One needs to little else to feel accomplished at Tim Pond. 

The view from the Dining Room and Library’s porch. Magnificent.
George is the resident Brittney Spaniel. He is as friendly as they come. Beware, George can let himself in and out of screen doors.
George is the resident Brittney Spaniel. He is as friendly as they come. Beware, George can let himself in and out of screen doors.
He’ll also snuggle with you while you read if you ask him politely.
Candy’s homemade bread comes with your dinner.
The sunset is pretty spectacular. Take one picture, then put the camera away. Now, take a picture in your mind and let it linger.
Imagine this view while sitting next to a roaring fire pit complete with S’mores.
Swimming in a northern pond. It’s not cold, it’s refreshing.
Out kayaking and found a tagalong….
Evenings can be spent inside the cabin playing cards, eating snacks or hitting the pillows early.
Come and sit a spell on the main porch. The coffee is always on.
Barefeet, Maine air and a rocking chair. Perfect.
Barefeet, Maine air and a rocking chair. Perfect.

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