Cutest Little Favors.Ever.


Awesomesauce, right??! (which CNN reports is now an official word in the Oxford Dictionary!)

These are entirely Pinterest inspired (if you don’t yet…follow us on Pinterest. I have far more pins than I will ever follow through with in my entire life….I have an addiction.)

These are so simple to make. They are S’mores in a bag.

You’ll need:

1 favor bag( I used the fish shape)

2 marshmallows per bag

1 graham cracker broken in two pieces

1/2 Hershey’s Chocolate Bar

1 tag

some twine

1 or 2 fake leaves

a hole punch

To Do:

Put the S’mores items in each bag…however you want to set them up. I stacked mine with the marshmallows laying at the top of them.

Tie the bag with the little silver tie that comes with them (this makes it easier to add the twine-the bag is already closed)

Punch holes in the tag and leaves.

String a strand of twine through tags and leaves.

Tie twine to bag and make it look purty.

I wrote “S’more Love”on the tags. You can write whatever your heart or occasion calls for.

I love these.

There is nothing un-perfect about them.


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