Kingfield, Maine and Carrabassett Coffee

19547896293_67e952aefa_bIt’s one of the most random things, but I absolutely love towns.  Especially tiny little villages where people live and work and experience community together.  When we travel I absolutely love passing through towns and villages of all kinds, and of all the hamlets we’ve seen in our sojourns, there is nothing like small villages you find in Maine.  The further inland you go, the better the village.

Recently we traveled through northern Franklin County, and at the intersection of Routes 16 and 27 you’ll find the village of Kingfield, Maine.  It’s up there.  In fact, it’s hard to get to unless you have a reason, which for most people means skiing at Sugarloaf.   Like most villages in Maine, once you get to the heart of the village you’ll find the little general store, in this case Annie’s Market at the town square.  More out of curiosity to see the store, we usually decide that it’s time to stop for coffee or cold sodas and this day was no exception.  I went inside with my Father-in-law and discovered a really cool display set-up for Carrabassett Coffee, and purchased a great cup of their Bad Dog coffee, a medium blend – excellent.  There I got not just a great cup of coffee in a really unique general store, but I got to interact with the local folk and have a worthwhile 30 seconds of chit-chat with some pretty cool folks.  And it wasn’t as if the general store was a throw-back novelty sort of place.  Anni’s Market just is.  It’s just the kind of place that you expect to find in any village in that part of Maine.  Which is why I love it so much.

Two days later, on the way back through, just south of town we saw this place.


Carrabassett Coffee Company – and we instantly recognized it as the coffee that I purchased in Annie’s Market.  This required a spontaneous stop on our ride home, so we went inside to check it out.  There was a small crew working the roasting machines inside, and one man who I presume was the owner came out to personally help us – which was really cool.  Their most popular blends were lined up on the shelf from light to dark, with the one I had just tried in the middle – Bad Dog, which I purchased in whole bean form.

So there you have it – our trip through northern Franklin County, Maine, book-ended in the beginning and end by Bad Dog Coffee from Carrabassett Coffee Roasters in Kingfield, Maine.  I highly recommend it.  But if you want the real experience, you’ll need to go there yourself.


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