I Accidentally Bought a $61.00 Shirt

Update! Here’s the shirt…forgive the updo…or rather up-don’t….it’s one of those “i have 19,000 things to do and time to do 10 of them and my hair is the last thing to get any attention paid to it kind of days”.  Dear Whoever invented those little hair clip things: Thank you. I have personally put your child through college. 


I was shopping with the group of teenage girls on our recent Missions Trip to Maine. We were in Boothbay Harbor, on our day off, enjoying the sites and a day of rest before the team headed back home.

The girls NEEDED to buy bags as their take-home from the day.

And I mean NEEDED.  They went there on a mission.

A canvas-anchor-decorated-bag-with-cute-boat-rope-like-handles shopping mission.

We looked in every store that appeared to have even the slightest chance of selling these particular bags.

Walking from one store to the next I passed a clothes rack with the MOST gorgeous tops.

Naturally I stopped to look.

Just in case.

Then I touched them.

Then I pulled one out and hugged it. It was cuddly and soft and called me momma.

It said I needed to buy it.

So I looked at the price tag.



ONLY $25.00!!!!


“Girls,” I said. “Hang on, I’m going to buy this shirt. It called me momma and said I needed to take it home.”

So the girls waited patiently, and looked around the store.

I handed the very nice and happy lady behind the counter my debit card.

“That’ll be $61.00 please.You can sign here.”

This shirt was suppoused to be $25.00.

I signed, flustered and wondering what possibly could have gone wrong between my head and hers.

My stomach all of a sudden didn’t feel right.

Sort of like a knot.

We walked out of the store and I looked at the price tag.

25% off.

NOT $25.00.

The shirt was originally $78.00.

Apparently I was getting a bargain.

We continued shopping the town for canvas anchor bags with cute handles.

“Girls, I can’t do it. I have to take it back. I can’t spend that much on a shirt. I mean I love it, but I can’t spend that much on it.”

“Do you have a feeling in your stomach like a knot that just won’t go away?” One of the girls asked me.

“Yeah, I do.”

“Oh, man, I get those all the time.” She said.

So I made the short walk back up the block to the store.

“Can I return this shirt?” I asked the very nice and happy lady behind the counter.

“Nope, it’s a final sale. Sorry!” She said and smiled at me.


“So funny, story.” I told Jeremy.


I told him the story.

“You spent 61.00 on a shirt?

“Yeah. Are ya mad?”

“Nope.” (he’s nice like that)

“But now I don’t even want to wear it. I kinda feel sick in my stomach about it.”

“Oh, you’re wearing it,” he said. “That thing needs to pay itself off.”

I wore it yesterday. For three hours.

I figure if I wear it twice a week for the next year I’ll get my money’s worth.

Maybe I’ll just sleep in it.


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