We’re Roadtrippin!

We’re Roadtrippin!

We leave at 6 am. tomorrow morning to journey ten hours to Maine in a church van and minivan. For one week we’ll be on a missions trip, painting the interior of a church building-the very first church I ever attended- with ten other church peeps. 14 of us all together. 6 teenagers included.

We need snacks on the way. They are stuffed under the van seats.

van one

I think we’re prepared…..

van two

Even Daisy is packed. She’s ready with two leashes, two harnesses, a bag of treats, water and enough food for the trip, and a few of her favorite toys. Plus a blankie to sleep on in the van. She needs comfort you know…..van daisy

After one week of ministering, the missions team will head home and our family of four will stay for vacation with my parents. We’ll head to Tim Pond Camps in northwestern Maine for two days with my parents and grandmother, relaxing, boating and hopefully viewing a moose or two. If you like being away from it all, Tim Pond is a good place to start.

We’ll swim in Wilson Lake, drink some Cap’n Eli’s Blueberry Soda, celebrate my parent’s 45th wedding anniversary with a surprise something….and watch a boat load of HGTV (we dont’ have cable at home…take advantage while you can right?) After that we’re off to New Hampshire to visit Storyland…a family tradition since my mom was little and would visit the park.

We’ll get home and have one week to prepare for the start of school.

Pictures to come!


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