Those Crazy Pastor’s Kids

pillow fight blog

10 tries to end a pillow fight between one tired and slightly grumpy older sister and one very much not tired younger sister turned into this very lively conversation:
“MOM tell her to stop it. NOW!
As monotone as I can speak: “Kaitlyn, please stop now.”                                                  
Neither kid would stop, so I intervened.
Me: “Give me your face.”
“No, I’m not kissing her.”
Me: Give me your face now.
“I’m not kissing her.”
Me: You’re not going to kiss her. (I pull their faces together.)
Me: Tell her you love her.
Me: Tell her now. I’m not letting go until you do.
(At this point I’m spread eagle across the back of the couch, half on top of Anna, while she’s half off the couch and Kaitlyn is on the floor.)
Me: Tell her.
Me: Say it.
“Fine! I LOVE YOU!”
“You’ll never get me alive!”
“Just say it! At this point I don’t even care if you mean it! Say it!”
Me: Say it or you WILL kiss her!
“I have to go to the bathroom!”
Me: Tell her first or you’ll pee your pants.
“Fine-I LOVE YOU!”
(All parties are now finally standing on their own feet.)
“The older serves the younger you know. It’s in the bible. ”
“I don’t remember that.”
“It’s in Genesis.”
“I know the story, but I”m pretty sure it says the younger serve the older.”
“Well, the older serves the younger is what we are learning.”
“I always serve you.”
“Be quiet”.
“You be quiet.”
“Mooooooom….who is right?”
Me: I have no idea, but you need to go to sleep.
“I think you need to be learning how to go to sleep in Sunday School.”
“You should learn how to be quiet in Sunday School.”
“Mom you get this completely, don’t you?
Me: Totally.

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