the most fun forty dollars can buy

slip and slide blog
Forty dollars + 100 feet of farmer’s plastic+23 dollars worth of Dawn Dish Soap+three hoses hooked end to end=hours of slippery, soapy kids sliding down a homemade slip and slide on hot summer evenings.

Seriously, you need to go TODAY and spend $40.00 on this huge piece of farmers plastic. Lay it out full length and width (100×10), spray it with a continual stream of water, add liquid Dawn (bubble bath also works) every so often and watch the kids slip and slide their way to fun.

If you’re really cool….you’ll build a continual water stream of PVC pipes, screw the hose into it and have it rain down on the slip and slide constantly. Like this….


I promise…if you’re one of those parents who wants your kids friends at your house (ahem…) this will make it happen.

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