Proud Alumni

The Fall of ’94 was awesome; one of the most salient and poignant times of my life.  As a freshman at ENC every opportunity was open to me, and I took advantage of them all, but there was something about that first Autumn; Autumn in Boston filled me with a new, clear sense of possibility in my life. I spent five years, five awesome years at Eastern Nazarene College, and it was there that I met my wife and we began this journey of 17 plus years.

There is a difference between learning facts and the love of learning.  ENC is a liberal arts school, which meant that I learned not only about music; I was exposed to science, language, math, theology, sociology, and more.  It was at ENC that I learned that our world, created by God, is an awesome place to live.  God has placed deep within the human spirit a longing to know, to understand and see meaning in what we encounter and I felt that spirit come alive in me during those years, as if my eyes were opened to a world that was around me but I just couldn’t see.  I’m grateful for what was invested in me by a great institution, and great professors.  My life is richer and fuller because in the Fall of ’94 I stepped out into a great unknown to take a shot at learning for the sake of learning.  And, Boston in the Fall is unforgettable.


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