heaven in a box-on receiving a gift

“If you don’t accept a gift you’re being given, you’re not allowing the other person to use their spiritual gift.” KSM

One of my college theology professors spoke those words of truth to us one afternoon in class. Those words changed my life.

I never looked at receiving a gift the same way again. I have tried to see the givers heart rather than my need. I treasure the things friends and strangers have gifted us with. Some of those things are items, some of those things are intangible. Both are extravagant gifts when given from a place of love.

I look around our house often and consider the items we have. We don’t have the newest, or most often the most expensive, but we do have things that mean something to us.

Things that were given out of love to us.

Things that were bought and shared with us in mind.

Over the years I have found that one of my greatest joys as a ministry family is the joy we have in receiving from those who choose to be a blessing to us. And in turn, my hope is that we have also been a blessing to them.

I often look around our home and consider the things we have. While, we don’t have a huge financial income, we do have a huge income of blessing.

Our couch set was given and delivered to us after 8-week old Daisy decided to chew a hole directly through the middle of our old couch while we worshiped with our congregation one Sunday morning.  The couch set is beginning to show it’s wear and tear, but it has proven itself worthy of many a nap.

Our coffee table was a gift from my grandmother, who bought it for us on a visit to our house a few years ago, “because, Chrystal, you need a coffee table.”

The China Cabinet, while not necessarily a gift, was found by my mom in a thrift store. It’s pure walnut and perfectly conditioned. We paid $45.00 for it, delivered. It constantly reminds me of the day of shopping for treasures with my mom.

Our bed frame and headboard was a gift to us from friends. Otherwise we had been sleeping on the mattress and boxspring on the floor, that we bought with money from our previous church when we left ministry there, while in search for the perfect headboard.

We found one in the gift from our friends.

The girls’ beds are gifts from my parents.

Our dish set is constantly built by my mom and I.

The Kitchenaid is from my Gram.

Our roll-top desk is from my Mother-in-Law, passed down as a family heirloom.

Jeremy’s home office was built by my dad.

A large portion of our Disney Trip last fall was bestowed on us by dear friends.

This list could continue for a long time.

Last Friday, a friend from church stopped by after her trip to Sam’s club. She brought this box of Tide.

180 loads worth of Tide.

Heaven in a box, people.

Heaven in a box.

We are a smaller family…there are just four of us, but we are a busy family. Between fire calls, riding lessons, martial arts twice per week, Sunday clothes, gardening clothes, friends and two young teenagers who change a lot of clothes…..we do a lot of laundry.

I do a lot of laundry.

This simple box of Tide is a blessing to us. It reminds us of our friend and her own spiritual gift and joy in giving. If I would have said no, only out of some form of personal pride, I would have rejected what she was offering.

Now, when I use this soap to wash our clothes and make them new again, I will be reminded to be thankful all over again for Jean.

We are daily recipients of an abundance of blessing. The sort of blessing that reminds your heart that love truly does reign.

Cuz’ the towels ain’t washing themselves.

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