Bird Watching

Bird Watching is a favorite past time of ours. While Jeremy prefers viewing raptors (hawks, eagles, falcons, etc.) I prefer watching the backyard birds. Robins, finches, sparrows, blue birds, blue jays, tufted titmice, and cardinals are just a few we have seen in the backyard.

We continually make efforts to make our yard bird, bee and butterfly friendly. This takes some research if you’re starting from scratch (which we were years ago). We started reading books, magazines and online articles. Everything we could find we read.

We started intentionally planting certain plants and stopped using anything that resembled pesticides or chemicals in and around our landscaping. Not only do these things harm us, they are killing the bee and butterfly populations.

We are motivated by a very real belief that being Christian means being a good steward of this earth that God has given us.  We believe in doing our part in caring for the creation. Protecting the innocence of animals who cannot protect themselves from the habits of humans is of utmost importance. Thusly, we find great fulfillment arranging our backyard for birds to have suitable places to raise their babies and watch them one day fly off on their own, to make a rest stop along the journey of a migrating Monarch, or to allow honey bees to take up residence in our herb garden or patch of flowers.

We lived for eleven years in our previous house and had planted all kinds of native plants, sunflowers, butterfly bushes, perennial gardens and tiger lilies. All plants that attracted bees and butterflies, and so many migrating Monarchs and other butterflies. Since we moved two years ago and said goodbye to our gardens of eleven years, we’ve started over with new plants in our new gardens at our new house. Each Spring sees a few more plants around our house.

So today when I went outside and Jeremy said he saw a yellow finch I grabbed the camera to follow them and attempt a picture.

The birds weren’t into having their pictures taken today.

So I copied this one from a google search and wikipedia so you can actually see what it looks like:)

yellow finch

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